Custom Application

​​Custom Applied Fertilizer

Christian County FS provides custom application of your fertility needs. We can apply your N,P, & K along with micronutrients if desired. We also have the ability to apply your dry nitrogen in corn with a high clearance applicator. This is a great way to sidedress nitrogen for your corn. This is also a good way to make sure you are getting the most return for your investment. Remember, a balanced fertility program goes a long way to growing a healthy, high yielding crop.

Custom Applied Chemicals

Christian County FS provides custom application of your herbicide and fungicide needs. We pride ourselves on quality equipment along with our skilled applicators applying products in your field. Count on our Agronomy team to work with you to find the best plan for your farming operation. ​​

Custom Applied Ammonia​

We provide custom applications of fall and spring pre-plant anhydrous along with sidedress anhydrous. Using the latest technology, we monitor each row for a consistent application. Swath control technology is used to automatical​ly shut off sections of the tool-bar when it senses treated areas in the field. This helps to eliminate overlapping and over-applying nitrogen in areas ​like point rows and 'last pass throughs' that my be a lot narrower than the tool-bar.

VRT - Variable Rate Technology

We provide variable rate application of your fertility needs. This method allows you to apply varying amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium in the field as directed by soil sampling or yield maps. This method allows growers and Christian County FS to be good stewards of the land and of the nutrients we apply. It's about the four R's of nutrient management: Applying the Right Product at the Right rate at the Right time in the Right place.​​​