FS Dieselex Gold


 ​Protect Against ​Cold-Temperatures with SURE-FLO IV

Diesel fuel with SURE-FLO IV ULS keeps fuel flowing through lines and filters long after other fuels have gelled or iced up. Advanced technology provides highly effective anti-gelling and anti-icing protection for safe, dependable diesel operation in colder temperatures. Heavy wax modifiers and improved wax anti-settling chemistry ensure fuel flow, even after prolonged periods in storage.​

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Biofuels, and E-85

​​Extend Fuel Pump and Injector Life with Lubricity Enhancers in Dieselex Gold​

​​Since 1993, Dieselex Gold has contained lubricity enhancers. Since that time, the widespread use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels has made the ​addition of lubricity chemistry even more important. Without proper lubricity, fuel injectors can become hot and seize due to the plunger welding itself to the barrel.

While most fuels meet the minimum standard of ASTM D975, Dieselex Gold easily meets the higher levels of lubricity recommended by the Engine Manufacturer’s Association.​ ​​