Summer Fill Program


Christian County FS offers a Summer Fill program that runs during the summer months when typically the price of LP Gas is at it's lowest all year.  We also allow you deferred terms which extends your payment out to August, 31st.​

 Fall Contracting


​Christian County FS offers a Cash Payment option in which you pay for your fall and winter needs up front OR we have a down payment option in which you pay .30 cents a gallon down to lock in your price and pay for the LP upon delivery.

This contract runs from September 1st through March 30th.​​​

 Even Pay Program


Christian County FS offers an 11 month Even Pay program that allows you to contract your gallons and make monthly payments.

This contract runs June 1st through April 30th.

 If You Suspect A Leak

​You should turn off the gas immediately, evacuate the area, and call your LP serviceperson at 825-4200.

  1. Turn off gas supply at tank.

  2. Do not turn light switches on or off.

  3. Do not use the telephone.

  4. Open all windows and doors.

  5. Stay out of building until serviceperson arrives.​​​

 Propane Safety


​Do you and our family know what propane smells like?  In order to aid in the detection of an uncontrolled release of propane, an odorant, typically ethyl Mercaptan, is added to propane.  Please be aware of the following:

  • No odorant is effective 100% of the time.

  • Cold, allergies, smoking, alcohol, or age can affect the ability to smell any odor.

  • Strong competing odors may mask the odor of escaping gas.

  • Continued exposure to odorized gas can cause an individual to "get used" to the odor.  The strength of the odor is not a reliable indicator of the amount of gas present.

  • Propane is heavier than air.  Therefore, floor level leaks of propane may not be detected.

Educational safety brochures are sent out twice a year to our customers to know who to properly identify the odor of LP Gas.​​​