​​Christian County FS offers a full seed line-up of our own proprietary FS brands as well as our national partner brands DEKALB and Asgrow.

FS InVision Seed Corn is locally developed and locally recommended for superior local results.

FS HiSOY Soybeans are the first proprietary soybean brand, and they have been part of the land for nearly 50 years. When it comes to varieties that perform under local growing conditions, nothing knows the territory better than FS HiSOY soybeans. FS HiSOY continues to provide industry-charting yields and offers the latest in trait technologies and elite genetics.

DEKALB offers our customers a National Brand experience of top performing hybrids and the broadest and most comprehensive trait package selecton available today. When coupled with our own FS InVision Seed Corn, our customers have the best line-up of high yielding hybrids available from any source - period.

With Asgrow Soybeans - it's all about performance. Asgrow Soybeans combine elite genetics with proven trait technologies to maximize your yield potential. Combine Asgrow with FS HiSOY Soybeans and you have an unbeatable combination of yield for every soybean acre you plant.

Christian County FS also offers a full line of FS Alfalfa and Forage Seeds as well as FS Wheat and Barley varieties specifically tailored to meet the needs and conditions of our customers. And, when you combine our seed lineup with Agronomy Solutions from your FS Crop Specialist, you can watch your crop reach its full genetic potential, season after season. No other seed brand or ag supplier can help you maximize every acre like FS can. Contact your local Christian County FS Crop Specialist to learn more about how we can help reach all of your production goals.​​​​ ​